Customisable posters!

September 24, 2012

We are now proud to offer customistable keep calm cat posters!

We can tailor your choice of background along with the colours of your cat too! Making it far more personal and a perfect gift!

our prices are as follows

A4 – £4.50

 A3 – £6.99

A2 – £9.99

A1 – £17.99

we do charge a postage fee which is £1.45 in the UK – for outside the UK, prices will have to be discussed individually 🙂 for more details please visit our facebook page:-

Pet Portraits by BongoBoo facebook fanpage


Final kitten finished!

September 18, 2012

Here’s the final kitten finally finished ready for the exhibition that we are entering in a couple of weeks!

Hi everyone! We’ve been busy making pictures of kittens ready for an exhibition that we are entering. Here’s a look at the pictures we’ve done so far 🙂

For more updates please feel free to follow us on facebook 🙂

Pet Portraits by BongoBoo facebook fanpage

Ginger kitten



Hello everyone! I have just realised that we forgot to include a commission we did of a beautiful dog named Jet, so here he is!

Latest pictures!

August 3, 2012

Hello everyone! Sorry, its been a while, but here’s our latest picture that we’ve been working on!

Slinky & Ruby.

Say hello to Louie!

please feel free to visit our gallery on our facebook page 🙂

Pet Portraits by BongoBoo facebook fanpage

Our latest commission has now been gifted! Meet Artie & Gwynny

Pet Portraits by BongoBoo facebook fanpage

Meet Cyrille!

April 20, 2012

One of our secret commissions has now been gifted – so here is Cyrille the Blue Siamese Cat 🙂

Our Facebook 100 fans competition winner, chose to have a felt picture of his cat ‘Reece’ who recently passed away,

here is Reece..

and here is a link to our facebook fan page, for anyone who would like to join, our next giveaway will be at 200 fans..

Pet Portraits by BongoBoo facebook fanpage

Here is Kosey the dog with his portrait…

and here is Tyler the cat with his felt portrait..